Tuesday, June 30, 2009


well today is the last day of june. i realized that i have spent my half year life in college *crapping* time passes so so fast. all i can say is sometimes emo, happy, sad, stressed. i have faced problems that i have never faced and never expect to happen before. till today i still not yet get the answer >.< am i really that bad person? oh ya i heard that the results is coming out on aug 17. LOL that day i have piano exam in subang leh! scared i can't concentrate =.=! ahhhh!

well the timetable really made me confused. i still not yet pay my fees! i hope they wont do something on me -.- next tues got 4 hours break! wanna go pyramid? haha....and every wednesday no class!!! woot woot! hehe... i really miss the times with my classmates during january to march ... we go to pyramid quite often to have lunch or gathering. how nice! i hope next sem is equally interesting ^^

)___( nothing much to write these days. so sienzzz at home just to wait for semester break to pass T___T friday going back to study mood.

oops i saw somethng again. hmmph~ i wonder how it looks like? O_O

alright. start a new life tmr. 1st of JULY



yingfriendship said...

what problems that u never faced and never expect to happen before?wish u can get good result and pass all the exam. Wish u good luck for your coming piano exam too.

saw what?

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

=) erm many lo. next time we meet then talk about it ya ;)

yingfriendship said...

icic. ok. take care^^