Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another boring holy-day

XD my title is weird...

well woke up late as usual because it's holiday. haiz... kah yee not coming for this whole week ='( miss her so muchiiee, my baobei! ate few pieces of sushi, thanks Mrs Lee =) then went to college to meet ying han ^^

went lunch with ying. i had weird taste marmite chicken rice and what Coffee O ice...1st time try =P i should have ordered the nestum chicken rice. that taste really good lol.

RM 150 or in fact RM 300 i can go for perm treatment to straighten my hair =( and buy lotsa clothes of course eat more! =( nvm...

went library to hunt for books =P and online for sure. played online games called
" jail escape". addicting and fun ^^

back home

haiz... piano mood come come!

gotta do sth



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