Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Day

woke up late again. mum told me we are going to ioi and THE CURVE!!!! yeah~! lol

after lunch we went ioi to send the electronic dictionary for repair. walked around then sent brother to tuition.

kekex, we went to the curve after that ^^ i really miss the place.

went to secret recipe for cakes ^^ again, i miss the cakes there.

always the best, chocolate indulgence

cheese hazelnut cofee. taste no cheese at all =( but the overall taste was quite good.

after dessert session =P, we proceeded to shopping heaven lol =D haiz...the stalls are not opened ='( eventhough it was just window shopping, but i dun mind, cuz the place gives a relaxing feeling to me. i love the place so much!

went to ikea then. as usual, had some tea time snack lol...all time favourite curry puff and coffee^^ duh i think i drank too much coffee until my stomach din feel well =(

just a happy day in damansara ^^

hope can go there next time ^^

hmmm looks like im going there tmr again. i wanna play snooker!


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