Monday, June 15, 2009

Fantastic Day

yeah, yst i went to The Curve for the 3rd time =D and i get to play
S N O O K E R! mad again lolx. my bro really pro in playing that lo, but at last i won ^^ hehex~

since i know i will get bored if im going to ikea the boring furniture place =P so i decided to go popular to hunt for books. cookbooks do suit me well ^^ many cookbooks there and i easily can learn to make the food that i want ^-^ everytime i go there sure will pick a pile of cookbooks to read XD nice to have reading time there

went back puchong to have dinner. the dishes we ordered tastes excellent! but i didn't take pic of the dishes. i miss the taste lol XP

sem break is just kinda fun, but sometimes kinda bored. i must enjoy to the max. who knows, next semester may be a disaster =/

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