Thursday, June 11, 2009


first and foremost, happy sweet 18th birthday to phuah eu jin =) hehe come steal my seaweed crackers lah =P be a good boy 'father' =)

well, woke up at 11am today. actually can sleep until 1pm oso nvm =P but i need to do sth. do what? make seaweed crackers and crabmeat crackers ^^V lol...

the whole day i was sweating cuz the weather is seriously hot! =(

deng deng, the snacks are too yummy lol~ but after eating them u will feel thirsty *crap*

done my piano thing, i need some help.

went to ioi boring place, juz hanging around there for no point XD i want the shoes

lol suddenly im craving for my favourite food

duh~ what am i going to do tmr?

i wish i can go shopping =P

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