Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do you still remember our promise?

suddenly i remembered of that thing. when i was in form 2 ( if i am not mistaken... )having tuition, my tuition teacher suddenly told us that she do not know whether we will still remember her or not after 10 years. So, she decided to make a promise.

Date: i forgot >.<
Venue: Mc Donald's, IOI Mall
Time : 8pm

if i am not mistaken...we will meet there according to the details above.

paiseh~ i really forgot. and i remembered i save it as a note in my old handphone. now the handphone is not with me cuz i was sold. sad.

to all my tuition friends, if you all see this post, pls tell me more details especially which date to meet by leaving a comment here. i seriously do not want to miss this golden opportunity to meet you all.

thank you =)

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