Saturday, June 13, 2009

weehoo~ another happy day

yes, went to the curve again yst ^^ we went there late evening. the stalls are open yeah! lol when i see the stalls i become like a mad person =P the place gives me a special relaxing feeling when i'm there. unlike any other shopping centres, the curve is still the best ^^

well, many ppl went there and the crowd makes me feel mad lol. the reason is more ppl more fun =D walk walk walk. saw a stall selling the things i like. my mum bought for me!!!!!!!!!!!! see how mad am I. mad mad mad =P paiseh~ hmmph only 2 is mine. you know why? cuz im too big sized lol =/ but i really love them a lot ^-^ hehe...

dinner was a chilli feast. Since my mum, sis and I were attracted to one of the stalls nearby the makan place, my mum asked dad and bro to order food 1st. I do not know why, my father ordered all dishes with sambal thingy except the soup larr...
lol the dishes i saw were all spicy one. luckily i can eat spicy things. i love them too =D but it was really chilli feast yst =DDDD teehee! see im mad again lolX XD

lol seems like today im going the curve for the 3rd time for 3 consecutive days.

mad mokky is in the town =D

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