Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Day ^^

Venue: Sunway Pyramid
Theme: Eat & Plan =D

ying's mum fetched me. thank you very much to her =) for every wednesday, june only, there is RM 1 food promotion at asian avenue. and today is the last wednesday. so we were there to eat. lolx =D

since ying haven't have her lunch, we had this first.

porridge + fried chinese crullers ( you tiao ). taste nice =)

-now, RM 1 promotion-

Gasoline, seafood tom yam soup. small serving, what can i expect for RM 1? tasted not bad and ying can tolerate with the spicy flavour.

Seafood tofu stick. original price is RM 3. now with RM 1 is not a problem. taste normal.

RM Cafe. spaghetti with chicken sausage. ying and i agreed that it tasted weird =/ mmm not good.

station cafe. toasted bread. not enough of butter and kaya. so not flavourful enough. it was ok.

sadly, the oyster mee sua, bubble tea, dunnoe what fries, mango dunoe what dessert and porridge are not available. but if we ate all of the mentioned food, we may be unable to eat the following food. again~ food XD

Takoyaki~! @ jusco. mmmmm taste so good... =P my favourite. ying tried it first time.

char siew puff + dunnoe what puff + herbal jelly @ Eu Yan Sang ^^

omg~ we were 110% full at that time. guess what, we spent about 3 hours eating and about 30 minutes on our plan. LOL 1st time eat so many things in a shopping mall >.<

a happy day ^^ thank you ying han ^-^



yingfriendship said...

Nice foods. thank you very much for it. ok,u are welcome.take care=)

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

=D you are welcome. hope next time i can bring you go eat other food. lol =D later ah bah say me sot liao =P

yingfriendship said...

ok =) la...he won't say u sot de.