Friday, November 27, 2009

too much feelings to describe

on thursday, CAT course finally ends. celebration had been done for lecturers. i miss my responsible and caring teams of lecturers. they are the one who gave me precious knowledge and courage to move on. thank you very much. really hope i will pass all the papers one shot >_<
some of my friends are doing ICAEW next year, which means not joining us in ACCA. well, i will miss them a lot to. keep in touch. good luck in final exam ya~! :)

i went to paradise again, thanks to my parents. i have a mixed feeling there. normally i will feel happy and relaxed. but on that day, it was not the same. yea because of something. it came back to me, and please go away from me. :)

the E.N.D ? really the end or the energy never dies?

something or in fact many things are blocking my mind now

will crawl back after finals ;)


ying said...

don't worry.u sure can pass all the exams=)what came back to u?

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

haiz...hope so lo. i dreamt my audit paper failed :( scary, isin't it?

eek forgot liao =.="