Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's the time

exam is finally over! after long time of hard work, it is worth to have a serious holiday now. yes, i would describe my holiday as 'serious entertainment holiday', before hectic ACCA starts next year.


ignore the brand

can't wait to explore the babe in my home, provided mum finds the antique out. it's not a digital tech device, need to use films. obsolete? but it a valueable antique. luckily mum didn't sell it last time.

best yum cha session with siblings. i used to do that on sundays and CAT exam are around the corner, having nice tea time, chat with them, playing UNO cards, it was the best time ever.

seriously need a DSLR

the paradise. i have never been there before, in fact, never been to a single pulau in malaysia >_<

shopping with family and friends! the usual thing i like to do. perhaps window shopping? it's enough for me ^^

workout! time to burn the calories!

alright, time to be serious. practise hard and go through it!

and many many more. enjoy the less than one month holiday!

happy holiday and good luck to those who are having exams ;)

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