Saturday, December 26, 2009


well, i am back from pulau pangkor, the another paradise :) it was my 1st time there, in fact, one of the islands in Malaysia. the trip with my family was awesome! but the apartment that we stayed kinda let us down. my dad booked our room via Cuti website, and there stated that we are entitled to 2 free breakfast. BUT the manager said we are not entitled to that. my parents were unsatisfied, so they went to settle the problem. in the end we got one breakfast and RM 50 voucher as compensation.

the beach was ok, compared to other beaches in Port Dickson and Kuantan. the water was kinda clear. we went for boat ride. the boat ride is super worth it for RM 25 per person, and they will take you to many different places such as man bay, coral island and others which i have forgotten =.=" there is a bay whereby a couple tree grow from a rock. it is amazing, isn't that? god gave it to us...and not forgetting the NATURAL rocks which really looks like turtle and crocodile. unfortunately we didn't get to see any turtles because the season is not at the right time. snorkelling! the 1st time experience in my life. i barely know how to use the breathing thing LOL. i only saw one type of fish, which has kinda like zebra stripes on their body. actually at first i was kinda reluctant to go snorkellilng, just because i dun like to be immersed in the deep sea water =/ i normally walk along or sit on the side of the beach. sea phobia???

the food there was ok, normal chinese restaurant food. the seafood was more affordable compared to here. bought a lot of dried seafood such as fish, cuttlefish and anchovies. they are much more cheaper than here KL. when we were back, we found that SOME of the dried fish has WORMS on it! wth... wasted RM 7 i think... YUCKS!

dad decided to rent a car to tour around the island, unfortunately, all the cars were fully booked by tourists. so we rented motorbike and bicycle. rental for bicycle for 24 hours is RM3 ONLY. cheap huh? that was my 1st time riding on a motorbike LOL. the feeling was great! but the bicycle made my whole body pain T T leg pain, hand pain and back pain! sis, bro and I cycled around some of the places on the island, saw the beautiful sunset, beaches. we were all exhausted after riding the steep hill.

the ferry ride was the first time in my life too...many first time huh...

next trip- Pulau Redang!


i have been window shopping for almost 4 times per week after the pangkor trip, just because staying at home will drive me crazy. i can't get a job due to time constraints, and i need to complete my piano course ASAP. IOI, Mid Valley, and Pyramid will be my home. btw i miss the curve and one U <3 but one U is too huge for me, so i still prefer the curve :)

i am hooked up to basketball machine, dancing machine and SNOOKER! omg, played almost 2 times per week, and i never get bored. had dinner at the same place, and we never get bored of the food there too...

okay gotta clean up the whole house before new year, especially my room =.=" i can't wait for ACCA next year, maybe because i didnt touch books for long time ady. yes, long time LOL...i thought exam was just few weeks ago? XD is not even one month, gotta enjoy it to the max before the hard time starts!

i miss my friends a lot!

red box and gathering is next!


*pictures will uploaded soon as long as i have the time*

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