Friday, November 20, 2009

oh my god

(currently blogging with frusfrated mood in taylor's business school)

i am in a deep XXXX today...

well, today is the day for YES red carpet party. i woke up quite late in the morning, as a result, i didn't even touch a single page of my revision books. cuz this whole day i will be at outside and come back late at night. so my plan was study early in the morning so that i won't waste time, but i failed.

well right. mum planned to send me directly to the hotel, so it would be easier for me. she claimed that she knows the road to the hotel very well. so i trusted her. dim ji reach PJ, we were lost! the road changed. so my mum panicked and started to be angry. and she keep on saying those things that spoiled my mood >_<>

ok. reached taylors. i ASSUMED the business school is there. but then i am so wrong. it is in SS15! oh seriously... i am so blur. so i asked the students there for direction. i need to take a taxi to biz skul. luckily i brought some cash with me. if not, i will be stucked there.
mini conclusion: driving yourself is the best. no worries. so i need a car!
now finally blogging at taylor biz skul lo... too nervous so called UV for help ( hope he doesn't see this =P ) thank you. quite calmed down, now waiting for the bus to come >_<
let's party people!

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