Sunday, November 1, 2009

I can't stop thinking

i do not know why.

badminton session on saturday was really fun. 1st time drove to puteri ALONE. kinda scared but i reached there safely LOL. played until my whole body pain >_< duh~ but it was really fun and funny! you 2 are so sweet! until we 3 behtahan lol. loves~ thanks to phuah, ying, pei ling and corine ^^ the match was really exciting. sitting on the bench watching the match, the feeling was unexplainable...

next was lunch with them. went for pan mee in kenari. then jam nearly killed me during the lunch time. passengers, you know who you are, do you feel safe? haha... >_< food again, we went pao bing. phuah left us and walked to ioi. met a new friend, nian yu. nice to meet you :) we chatted for a real long time until i didn't know the time passed so fast. my dad bombed me why am I going back so late. haha..i have a car to drive ma, so i just go back what time i want.... muahahaha. i can't imagine. another funny session went on.

sent ying and corine back home, it was A REALLY REALLY HAPPY DAY WITH YOU ALL. muacks~! hope next time have the chance to have a day like that.

remember our plan XD

to all my friends, good luck in the coming exams! ;)

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ying said...

can't stop thinking what?

I also played until my hand and back pain.haha..I also love too. u are welcome.^^ why the feeling was unexplainable?

haha...I feel save. what another funny session?

thank you for fetching me back. haha..sure got the chance.

our plan?

ok,thank you. good luck to u too=)