Monday, November 2, 2009

It's November!

gah~ this year is coming to and end. i feel like i am in a working mood, because i need job to find money T__T i have realised something which i think is sad for me. but i will do my best to get rid of it ;)

oh yeah today is the 1st day of revision class. haiz...i feel sad because this course is going to end. i miss mr jana. i will miss his jokes. i wonder if i am in ACCA level which most lecturers and students are serious type ppl, i think i will feel weird @.@ haiz...i can feel what he said. all i need to do is hope for the best, when it comes, no matter bad or good, just accept it ;)

the revision questions are driving me mad! soon....

wait for the gate to be opened...

1 comment:

ying said...

don't be sad. what is that?

the gate?