Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming soon

many things are coming soon especially during this month.

" can you all pls fill up this form and pass it up before 15th of November? "

i asked myslef :" what is that?" i was so curious about it.

oh it's a form, decide what and how many papers you want to take for ACCA next year.
after that i asked myself: "will i be able to pass CAT this year?"


i am so worried, but kinda excited. because i can't wait to finish my CAT and proceed to ACCA. >< many people said ACCA is a super hectic life. no jokes no break no fun~ duh~ i hope it is not true XD i just hope for the best. anyway CAT is still not bad-lah. can still play a bit, but not in ACCA. it is not the time to worry about that now. worry about studies instead! XP

Mr Jana's last class with us yesterday.

i felt sad in the morning, almost dun have the mood to continue the revision class.
"in cash flow statement, you need to..."
suddenly, my classmates Alveena, Nawal, San San brought the cake into class. mr jana was like speechless, looking at the cake being delivered to him. haha....we all clapped hands and cheered.

-----having the feeling that cannot be described by words-----

that was the last class with mr jana. i love his personality, jokes, charisma...oh god i will miss him so much. i think he is not going to teach my class for ACCA next year. is it? thank you for your effort in teaching us. i appreciate a lot.

happy birthday to Li Ting and my other classmates in advance ;)

alright time to leave my blog temporarily. will be back to blogging during free time.

i miss you!

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ying said...

don't worry. u can do it. gambatte!