Sunday, February 1, 2009

CNY Visiting

This year CNY visiting is more quiet...haiz.maybe the economy is not very good.i thought many people would go together.but...haiz...only ying han,phuah,and I went CNY visiting.nvm was a fun day !

first ying and I walked to panda's house.panda is still the same face...haha.seriously he really takes care his skin la.his face has no pimples.haha.lolx XD

panda's mum belanja us dessert and the sour and hot vegetable.very nice la.thank you ^^ after that phuah walked frm his hse and arrived to panda's hse.panda showed us his own made trailer.really nice! really IT and computing specialist =D
we chatted for 2 hours plus i nice chatting with them.haha.phuah not enough sleep..but he looks energetic.haha...raining~~~thx panda !

we then walked to puan yong's hse at 6 pm.

walao~puan yong zhao dai us many snacks XD the snacks really nice ! yum yum.thx puan yong ^^

her 3 months old baby daughter ! ssoooooooooo cuuuuutttteeeeee !!!!!haha =D

ying's dad sent phuah and I to puan ooi's hse.thank you to ying han's father.
we oso chat and eat snacks.really funny la phuah.haha.....make us keep on laughing.
haha puan ooi is now mother of phuah ! yeah haha.....mother's day rmb give flowers to mother oh , phuah . haha...... XP

back home kinda tired.haiz...tmr going back to study mood.but happy cuz can see my classmates and friends again =) dunnoe how is my test result.

gambateh ! study hard !
wish everyone a happy day tmr ~!

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