Saturday, February 14, 2009

♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥

wooh~i would like to wish all the couples out there a very happy valentines day!
happy together forever ^^

ah today went to college for computer class.swt.facing the com for few hours juz doing microsoft excel.

went to ioi with ying han ^^ hee...first went to buy jun hoong's wat had we chosen.really swt la.hee...

then we went to find our friends who are working there to chat.they are a bit different frm last time. haha.

the girls' thing! went to nichii to try out the clothes. but no buy. haha. very nice la especially the one piece and function dresses. wanna buy. who wants to sponsor me? XD

heh heh the interesting part.we kept spoting on phuah.lolx.finally he came out frm the shop.ying gave him the valentine sweet la.

haiz...i think last year's VD is better than this year's VD. seems like my friends are sad. haiz...i juz hope that would not happen. must appreciate oh ~!

duh got hw worh...luckily test is over.

wish everyone always be happy
have a nice day !
( do not leave ur partner alone! give them some surprises! )
good luck ~!!!

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