Friday, February 27, 2009

Minor T5 Test & Sunway Piramid

phooh~ finally the so called T5 minor test is over.i have learned new things. i did mistakes which is quite horrible. haha.nvm, at least i know what is my mistakes and i hope i wont repeat the same mistakes again next time. thank you mr.jack.

went to SP to have lunch @ KFC and most important, have gathering with lydia cuz she is changing course.


yeah~~lets yum seng!!! we will miss lydia a lot!!!


after having our yummy KFC lunch, we headed to the accessories shop to buy things. the girls bought some necklace and earrings.

here comes vivian

after a little shopping, we went back by taxi.

lydia, we will seriously miss u a lot! gambateh in your new course! we will support u! go go go!!! remember to pay us a visit ya. haha...

wish all of my classmates and other friends good luck in the coming tests and exams
do not give up!
study hard, play hard

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