Friday, February 13, 2009

woooh~finally it's over!

PT 1 and PT 2------

T1 was ok. T2 oh my god. the calculations are really frusfrating me. T5 arr...juz write. the paper that i scared the most is T5 == cuz the lecturer like putting high hope on us. sry mr jack if i had let u down. and it makes the fear of SPM came back. so evil. the whole exam hall is like when i am taking SPM. lol X\

but anyway, no more progress test for now. gotta relax more. the stress really made me so tired. and i am satisfied as i worked hard without regret =) will sure do better next time!

wooh~ tmr Valentines day. no big deal for me. all the couples out there wish u all tmr have a good time together ^^

and thank you ying han for your valentines present ^^ i dun dare to eat la...hee...
muah muah !

and now my eyes are going to close. buh bye~

have a nice day

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