Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh My God...stress

after chinese new year ...the stress really begins to come to me.
scolded by piano teacher badly cuz i did not practise scales...my fault.
test coming soon.feel worried cuz i not always study = = my fault oso.but i will use the knowledge that i absorbed during class to add on.gambateh !!! go go go !
they told me sth.actually i noe earlier ady.but i juz keep quiet and see the situation.cuz i dun wan that to happen again.think too much so perasan at last i am hurt.i really dun wan to think that much again.juz let it be.
i realized sth.and that makes me sad.and i noe that will happen.so i am prepared for it.i juz hope that that will not happen.haiz...

say no to stress !

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yingfriendship said...

Icic.wish u good luck in ur piano and ur test.gambatte! Although I don't know what happened to u, just take it easy. Always be happy.Believe that tomorrow will be better.take care.^^