Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Day of T5 with Mr Jack

huhu~ last class for first semester! so sad...siao~

as usual almost fall asleep in class today =.= 'father' sms-ed and asked want to go for an outing or not. i was thinking relax for that day and then intensive study after that day. but i feel guilty...lolx. see lah my fav japanese food leh!

after finished teaching the revision pack, Mr Jack showed us a presentation, which i like and dun like. the point that i like is he is like giving me a slap, waking me up frm my dream XD the point that i dun like is he is giving stress again. world prize winners leh! imagine the benefits that i could get. but izit impossible? -.-// but it's good, yeah good. *lol Mr Jack gave us lollipops*

i can't believe that in 5 months time i had learned a lot of things. especially T5. not forgetting other papers...first semester sometimes struggling, sometimes enjoyed and sometimes no feeling. the 5 months really trained me. so i should say i have never regretted start studying in january. thank you.

staying back in library again...

LOL TMR DRIVING TEST! but not an important one.

3 weeks break better study hard and smart! i will miss my lecturers and classmates so much. see my classmates in three weeks time! gambateh!


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