Monday, May 4, 2009

Lame weekend, nice Monday

Hmm...i had a quite bored weekend. keep on doing the revision pack questions is driving me crazy. dunnoe what to do more than that. sometimes do until sienz ady -.- sat went club. wow long time didn't go there ady. had a new experience there. hahaha... had late dinner too. sunday leh, as usual woke up very early to go for piano class. had nice breakfast. hehe... ish~ body too heaty ady. pimple breakout! >.< very bored staying at home. need to do some serious shopping. i really need shoes =.= so my dad drove me and sis to ioi mall ( another lame place ) reached the shop. had a look. sales are still going on. phew~ had a look here and there. still can't decide which one to buy >.< kept asking my sis which one to buy better. lol. ended up didn't buy any shoes -.- ask mum's opinion better la. walk here and there and now i only know ioi is a very lame and boring place. why i keep saying the word 'lame' ah? lol... so should i say it was a nice weekend for me?...

holidays are over. back to college. yeah! hehe i miss the food there. lol =P feel like very energetic going back to college after resting and lazying around. hahax. batteries are fully charged and strive for the best!

oh yeah today, monday, i really miss my classmates. lol seriously. ok. i got it! i got it! zzz... siao ady. anyway you are very kind. very very very kind. may god bless you =) and finally i passed my T3 mock! yahoooo! if not... i dunoe what will happen. and i hope i pass for T4 and T5 =\ must pass!

can't wait for semester break! going to do something that i never do before.

oh gosh driving thing makes me feel frusfrated! timing problem. i hope i faster pass JPJ test and faster get P license and shout out loud XD i dun wan skip class juz to go for driving test =( i feel sorry to the lecturers, parents and myself =(

yahhaaa! tonight going to buy shoes using own $$$$ =)

i think i siao ady

hey ya dun forget study ah.
don't play play!

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