Thursday, May 7, 2009


haha today morning overslept ady. thought no class can sleep for a longer time. driving instructor waited in front of my hse and he doesn't know that i was still sleeping. lol. dad woke me up and i was like... shit! sleep so much for what! now only wake up ah you? haha...

phew~ everything gao tim ady. bukit, parking, 3 point turn all seems perfect. i better focus on the road. i easily get nervous and cause me to drive recklessly. sorry to all of the road users for my stupidness =.= pls be patient. i noe you got license. and i believe u experience it before.

thank you Mr Chan for teaching me patiently. you are better than other instructors i guess. cuz today when i practice i saw an instructor scolding the student which i dun like. can see that he is quite angry or what... we chatted a lot of things when driving. lol. ( i am going to say that word again, sry...), i gotta renew my L license! have to do so. so next week i am not skipping T5 class! hooray. QTI on thursday. and 26th JPJ test i think... dun fail me!

well, today is holiday. wesak holiday i oso dunnoe =.= still got many thigs need to do.

so i better sign off now

everyone, have a nice day =)

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