Tuesday, May 12, 2009


s**T! dunnoe why feel so tired and restless. more worse than SPM! i remembered during form 5 life was not so bad. college life is kinda hectic, now i only realize =.= maybe is because the course. suddenly i think that it is not suitable for me. what can I do? but i believe i can get through it. i would like to say that i did not regret. cuz i did what i should do. tired person like me tends to think more. relax...

anywayz, no holiday for me. still going library to study during the holidays. i have to force myself to do that. there are many attractions at home XP pity...

waiting life after 5th June >.< all i want to say is do not give up, believe in yourself and everything will be fine.

and wish all form sixers the best!


if you think you can, YOU CAN!

P.S/ lol how stupid am I... i should not think too much. cuz every obstacle are stepping stone to success! =)

all i need to do now is dun think too much, get enough rest and do better the next day.


yingfriendship said...

Icic.me also.I also think that ausmat is not suitable for me. Yes, have to believe we can get through it cus we have studied for almost 5 months. Icic.

Icic. Wish you all the best and good luck in your exam.

Yes, If u think u can, you can.

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

oh i see. ya sometimes we don't get what we want. but we need to be happy what are given to us. better than nothing is given to us.
ya study for almost 5 months ady, we must not waste it. we can get through this! must have confidence ya! i support u ^^ u too good luck!

if you think u can, u can!


yingfriendship said...

icic.ok.yes,be confident to yourself.ok,thank you for your support and good luck.I also support u.gambatte!=)