Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is the last day with Ms Teh. Yah i hope i can pass T4 final exam oso. May ur wishes being together with me all the time until 4th of June. Thank you.

I was so tired in the morning until i slept on the staircase outside. lol. cuz classroom too cold ady and i am freezed =.= so i need some warmth from the sun =P

i still have the determination to survive on the things i am doing. thank god for giving me the energy and glad that i can control myself. gambateh!

well, with the energy, i will keep on putting in effort and dun be so stupid in order to achieve what I want to achieve everyday! until the rest of my life! go go go!

all the best to everyone!

P.S- gosh, I will not have a good night sleep until 5th of June. in other words i will suffer frm so called insomnia for about one month. nevermind i still have the strong determination to go on


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yingfriendship said...

Wish u good luck and all the best in your studies.gambatte!Have enough sleep too. Don't give yourself too much pressure.