Monday, May 18, 2009


LOL supposed to sleep at 11.30pm last night, but ended up slept at 1.30am =.=// what i did was i kepoh sort all the skin care products and others in my lovely room. btw they are messy. lol


a lot...most of them i got for free ^^ but need to use them ASAP. if not will expire

and i found this....

which i forgot its presence. limited edition one. yay! got more oil blotting papers to wipe off oil on my oily face >.< and the papers are scented with grapefruit smell. mmm smells good. i think now didn't sell anymore ady.

and i just received the students accountant magazine today. phew~ wow gotta read it up o.o

study again~ today lazy didn't go library. stayed at home and luckily the weather is not very hot. ahh! T4 god pls help me >.<

study and study... i made this

cuz i have no appetite to eat my lunch -.-

and as a reminder

to all CAT students who are taking exams on June 2009:

please make sure you have the exam docket with you now and check your exam venue. if you do not have the docket, i suggest you log in to myacca using ur ACCA registration number and ur password given, then click on 'print duplicate docket'. any other problems, pls go to Sunway-TES to ask for assistance.

got to sign off
take care =)


::. Jiayeen Mimo .:: said...

Link me~ And This post seems familiar =D I think I had the same topic about beauty products but mine were more scary =X LoL. I think is one of the April or March. Name of the post is " I'm loving myself more"...LoL.=D U dun hab a chatbox so I might as well leave a comment for u =)

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

oh i see =)i love beauty products hehe... i go check it out~! hehe... ok thanks ya