Friday, May 15, 2009

15th of May 2009

lol I am not a good girl today. no class, no study go relax in sunway pyramid. haha.
morning woke up at around 10 am. felt so guilty today din study go lepak in pyramid. but nvm, need some relax to open my mind.

i am always reminded with this, thank you Mr Jack.

reached there around 2.30pm. 1st went McD to find phuah and ying. sry ya made u all wait for so long and i din see u all >.< lolx.

then we went to bought movie tickets. i am always thinking about food, so i bought a corn cup to satisfy myself. lol. walked around the mall with slow speed. lol. sorry ya phuah and ying. wow many sunway college students went there too.

before movie we bought popcorn and drinks. lol i can't decide whether want to eat or not, cuz i scared of getting fat. nvm, eat is happiness. sry phuah for confusing you.

we watched angels and demons. quite nice lah the movie, i like the combination of genre in the movie. kinda scary and interesting. hehe. but the thing is i felt so sorry to my stomach, phuah and ying. i gave u all too much of popcorn! lol XD

went back home at 5.30 pm. felt tired. nvm ying it's ok, i biasa kena marah ady. hehe...

thank you phuah and ying for making a good day for me ^^

lol feel so tired. 8 pm to 9.45 pm had piano class.

and i have many things to do!

got to sign off~

have a nice day =)

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