Sunday, May 17, 2009

17 May 2009

first and foremost, happy belated birthday to my daddy! old bean( lou dau ) hehe....

hmm supposed to eat dim sum this morning but we woke up too late. so we missed dim sum T.T

after lunch did T3 revision for the whole day! gosh...i wonder why i still dun understand those things...arghh i try to do my best okay.

dinner went to the same restaurant again. felt contented! yummy!

hmmm no class but still going college to study there. feel too hot @ home =.= and the super hot weather is killing me. i need air-conditioned place. hope i wont fall asleep in the library =P

tues going for shogun japanese buffet ^^ thank you mummy! hmm not allowed to take pictures? why har? =\

shXt... pimple breakout again! my fault, go to bed late T.T

okay. gtg now

have a nice day =)

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