Thursday, May 28, 2009


woke up early unexpectedly. expect to be a good day but unfortunately it's not. i have heard the conversation. i am not trying to avoid the truth. its true. i agree and i accept what you all have said. I was crying in my heart.

very very thank you to Mr Chan. what u have said today really motivates me =)and made me know what should i do now.

another nightmare which happened few years ago, now it had came back, which gave me a real 'cool' shock. thank you panda for letting me realise something unexpectedly. but i just dont know why must I know that. it really gave me a shock, and i feel so very very dissapointed. damn it! ( sorry for using this word ) sometimes, we better ignore something which we dun want to know. really came fast, and now i still can't accept it. i am trying to tell myself dun be sad, those are nothing, dun cry, everything will be ok, but now i can't do it. really, pls give me some time.

the main thing is i feel very very very dissapointed. how can you all treat me like that? how can you all do that on me? yes, i am so pity. SHOUT ON ME WHATEVER YOU DUN LIKE! SHOUT OUT WHATEVER YOU ALL ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH! im not going to use bad words, luckily i can control myself and i have good mood although i felt i was cheated and betrayed badly. SO SAD!

now i am stupid on that kind of sense. and now i only realise it. friendship do not last long. maybe some will not agree. but NOW I STRONGLY AGREE THAT. we cannot betray or even cheat on our friends. it's true. we have to be faithful to friends. but if another way round they cheat and betray you, how will you feel? HURT? SAD? DISSAPOINTED? hmmph~ I AM DAMN DISSAPOINTED WITH YOU ALL! now that i think the friendship has gone, no more meaning. AND FINE NOW Y O U HAVE WON THIS BATTLE AND I AM A LOSER NOW! CONGRATS TO YOU BITCH WINNER! ( SORRY I HAVE TO USE THAT WORD NOW, PLS FORGIVE ME ) CURSING IS EVEN WORSE! FOR YEARS i trust you all so so much, now i realize that i am wrong. WE HAVE GONE THROUGH MANY THINGS, HAHA TOO BAD NOW NO MORE. ALL GONE! I SHOULD NOT HAVE TRUSTED YOU ALL SO MUCH. i have to say sorry. but izit worth it? i should have act smartly. but too bad, i failed to do so. maybe this is my fate. i can't change the fate and my destiny.

i know now i should focus on studies, i'll try to control. dun worry.


no need to say so much, see how things are going on.

good luck


yingfriendship said...

Are u ok? what had happened? can tell me? don't be sad. don't cry la..still got me.

Phuah Eu Jin said...

Ah Lui got anything not ok just tell ying.. Actually what you write in the post is almost same as some in my blog.. You should go read it.. Thats my opinion only