Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farewell 2 V I V I A N

last fri skipped study time and went to sunway pyramid with vivian and si ying. we went there by shutter bus and reached there at about 11am. very early lol.

walked around to wait for lunch time. haha... actually planned to dine in shogun but we changed to BarBQ Plaza =D

we ordered the family deluxe set. wow really huge portion for three of us. but we managed to finish the food =)

cooking the food...

oops...bhg tengah dah hangus pula

hmm the food taste quite good. rating overall 6/10

vivian and si ying bought something cute. look.

this keychain which is a fake bread with real bread smell. lol. very cute and soft to press it =D

vivian, my last pic with you ='(

after that took taxi back to college.

darsh and jonathan were studying in the class too. we went to kacau them. hehe...

jon with the 'bun'

vivian, wish you all the best in your engineering course. we miss u lots!!! take care! keep in touch ya~


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