Monday, February 22, 2010

okay i admit that i promised to update about CNY, but now im lazy, malas to upload pics oso. hope you all dun mind.

overall CNY is better than last year, angpau oso more than last year =P can't forget the nice moments with friends, family and teachers. went to grandma's hse for many times already, hang out with friends and the best part is karaoke that made my lungs almost burst, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! <3

Today CAT results were out, i was so so so so super duper nervous. but last night i can sleep well, very weird right? seeing is really believing, have to believe it. it is out of expectation. thank god, thanks a lot to my team of dedicated lecturers, caring family and friends. i remember what i did during the revision period. studying together with friends, gulping down nescafe while studying audit, in the end drank the whole cup but read one paragraph only. complaining how hard the subjects are, grumpy and feeling down. those were the hard moments that i have been going through. but it was really worth it. all hard work had been paid off. the worst CAT moment was during T2 and T4 papers. both are costing subjects. not forgetting audit, the killer paper. my tests results for the 3 papers were totally a disaster. i asked myself how am i going to sit for final exam? if fail then resit, cannot graduate? once i had mood swings, and the subjects made me cried, especially T2. that was the 1st time i learn costing. i nearly gave up CAT. i remembered my parents complaining me keep on facebooking and not studying. now i did not dissapoint you all, right? :) my mum was beside me when i was checking results. she was laughing seeing me jumping and shouting in the house like siao (mad) people. lol. sorry to the neighbours or disturbing. just really-can't-believe-it.

now, i have finally passed CAT and officially an ACCA student. how relieved...

congratulations to all who have passed and graduated. didn't make it, dun be sad, you can do it! gambateh!

the ACCA life officially begins, jia you people! ;)

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