Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i hate what i heard about what had happened today. some students (A) kepoh go and tell the teacher what had B did something not good in school, which B actually didn't do the wrong things. they are simply too childish, nothing better to do. and the worst part is, the teacher believe the stupid A students that B did the wrong things. isn't this very bad and hurt for B? really pity B. what can B do? keep quiet and continued being bullied by A students? urghhh~!

*pissed off!* just hope things will be fine soon...

i was really blur today. forgot where to go, lost. bought the wrong book for sis. ordered the food that i shouldn't order :( mood swings made me feel grumpy on the way back especially on LDP. terrible jam driving me mad. but i have get used to it. driving is still fun. ^^

just a random feeling post


ying said...

what happened to the student B? why mood swing?
be happy. happy chinese new year=)

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

haiz...student B ar... kena yuan wang lo...what else B can do... the feeling is very bad when ppl yuan wang B.

neh the jam @ LDP lo. some crazy drivers are also mad de. dunoe how they get their license :( hehe

ok you too ^^

ying said...

icic. don't be too sad. everything will be fine.