Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY Day 3- 2.08 AM

Bored. nothing better to do. blog is the way to kill the boredom :)

oh god the weather is super freaking hot! sweating all day long :(

CNY was great so far, have been visiting grandma's hse, had awesome lunch and dinner at her place. it has been long time since we had dinner at her house. the soya sauce prawns were so nice! yummmmmy!!! almost finished the whole plate of it, oh well since they can't finish the prawns =P dun care about the left ear piercing, hmmm i think it is better now? heee... finally get to wear the earring that i bought 2 years ago @.@ and the sea cucumber, fish maw...awwww i miss them now!

suddenly thought of my homeworks and RESULT! supposed to enjoy CNY without thinking of them, right? but i can't =P

went over to ikea with family. well i dun really like to go there cuz im not really into furniture. went to ikea restaurant. i really miss the poached salmon with broccoli and potatoes. it is the all time favourite food that i must order whenever dining there. oops didn't take any pictures- pure lazy-ness =P

im really sorry to hear about that. i express my deepest condolence here. hope everything will be fine.

in the baking mood
where is my food blog?

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