Monday, February 8, 2010

What else? =D

dancing machine @ asian avenue, Sunway Pyramid. very addictive game! another friend of mine is pro in that, had lots of fun playing that! :)

one of the best features in the phone. alter the picture. in this picture, i had a big nose LOL.

the best literature i ever came across. the story captured my attention, even after reading the whole book, i feel like reading it over and over again. i dunoe why my sis coloured the phantom's face like that as you can see in the picture. colourful face? @__@ i thought is yellow face?

simple and fun drawing session in the library when you are mad of facing the thick textbooks and notes. this may be childish for some ppl, but simple things can brighten up the day :D

the best durian cendol i ever had @ Nyonya Imperial, Bandar Puteri Puchong. they didn't put the real durian flesh, but the durian jam-like sauce is super flavourful and fragrant. It does not taste like those with heavy taste of preservatives. Two thumbs up!

most addictive sushi i ever had. soft shell crab maki @ Suhi Zanmai. after the first bite, i wish to have hundred plates of them. RM 6.80 is definitely worth for money, crispy fried soft shell crab wrapped in yummy vinegar rice, rolled with fish roe. YUM YUM *saliva drools*

another awesome yum cha session with high school friends. lots of jokes, laughter. i love it. when is the next yum cha session? =P

appreciate what we have now, before you regret.
not to ask what are the things that we do not have now, do think about what we have now, and appreciate them.


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