Friday, March 5, 2010

You Feel It

having busy days in march. duh~ i remembered the busiest and most hectic month last year- august. there were progress test, piano grade 8 practical exam, release of june 2009 exam session results, mood swings. anyway, it's over :)

talking about this month, more challenges are ahead. piano exam again, this time is grade 8 theory. no doubt i am very weak in that, but with my hardwork god please let me pass, i just want a pass...pass whole grade 8! *figers crossed* maybe going to teach piano part time soon.

talking about studies, law is going to kill me soon. the syllabus is just too much. now i know how kacang/easy/better is T5(managing people and systems) and T8(audit) compared to F4! bluh~
another crazy subject- tax. getting more and more AND MORE. F5 is quite okay compared to other 2 papers :) this is the tough ACCA life. i will remember- you can do it, i can also do it.

had a heart2heart conversation with michelle today. she is a great listener. she gave me the advices which i think are really good. very comforting. what had happened to me is very sad indeed, i tried to be strong, on the halfway i failed. although it is just small matter, i took it too seriously. now, i took it on a positive perspective. thanks to jun yu too... my dear ying han too, you are always there for me when i'm sad or feeling down. you all are great friends! appreciate you all...

is the feeling right or wrong? perhaps i dun want to think about it again.

CNY post coming soon provided i have the time. tmr going to rennaissance hotel for japanese meal. thanks to Red FM for the voucher.

need to watch movies to relax, any recomendation? :)

thank you for reading this long wordy emo post

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