Friday, March 19, 2010

After having the brain torturing progress test, it's the time to relax! Khai Ling, Yin Wen, Maybell and I went Sunway Pyramid :)

Actually we wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland, but Maybell has to go back early, so we just went for lunch and walk around.

Ling suggested Sushi Zanmai. as usual the happy mood is shown on my face XD

calculating how much she is about to spend after selecting the items in the food menu. wow really a future accountant :D

too hungry already, took it from the seducing sushi bar @_ @ put some wasabi to get the syok-ness

Ling's Kaiso to Tofu Salad

as usual I ordered the Chicken Katsudon. still not fed up of it yet

omg ling going to steal wen's handrolls XD

RM6 for such a small scoop 0_0

the bill came RM 83++ for four of us. wow. we really enjoyed having our lunch there. looking at the chefs preparing sushi, chit chatting, spotting leng chais XD playing with the calculator for numerous times. haha...had a nice time with them

some happenings in the bowling centre. there was an international bowling competition. lots of people there. omg can't find jun yu and kah soon there. always missing XP

in the process of finding them, bought an ice dessert again. i was in the ice mood, same goes to yin wen.

Rm3.90 at ice kimo- mocha ice. yin wen had the mango one.

aiyo you both ar...


there were some optical products and yamaha music instruments fair going on. didn't managed to get free one month trial contacts cuz the optician said my corneas is healthy after the eyes cornea health test @__@ got such thing?

some promotions of the electronic pianos attracted us. we asked for some information the same time played with some of the pianos there. wow, the price of the grand piano is almost the same as one national car -_-

she is pro!

sent yin wen back home since she has no transport. really had a fun day with you all. hope next time we can hang out together again. love you all!

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