Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Done Right Camp with DiGi & Nuffnang (Part 2- Finale)

From imperfection to a closer step to perfection had taught me valuable lessons, thanks once again to DiGi and Nuffnang for giving me this golden opportunity to attend this camp. For the second day of the camp, more activities are provided which I had never tried before, until the real challenges came into the picture. It is definitely a really good start for the year 2011 by applying good values learned from the camp in my daily life.

*Do not be afraid of challenges*

Treasure hunt using the Internet was a challege for me as well as my team members. Being a leader of the team when researching about places is not my forte nearly put me into a situation of giving up. Told myself: I can do it, we can do it. Together as a team we emerged as a winner for the challenge. A big thank you to my team members for using all sorts of gadgets to find the information =)


*Be sincere in communicating with people*

Towards the end of the camp, we were required to approach 15 persons to tell each other the first impression, areas to improve and complete the sentence : from now on, let us __________.

Body language and eye contact are crucial to show that one is really paying attention during the conversation.

*Appreciate people around you all the time*

Family and friends are important in our life. Thank them sincerely when they helped you to overcome difficulties. A simple 'thank you' and ' I love you' can strenghthen bonds between people.

Not forgetting the staffs in DiGi and Nuffnang for making this camp a huge success =)

*Push yourself to do better*

I need to take challenges willingly, naturally pushing myself to upgrade my performance from average to eXtraOrdinary level, no matter in blogging or studies. It gave me a strong will & determination to be a better human being and succeed in life.

*Do not allow negative thoughts to let you down*

Mr U2 Kumar introduced the term 'mental warrior' which I find it useful to say : 'cancel cancel go away' to the pessimistic side of matters. Think and do positive things in life is important to contribute to society and improve the country.

A million thanks to DiGi for the cool stuffs given to us.

Photo credits to Carmen

I Love DiGi Yellow Man! *I will follow you*

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Nearly teared when looking back at those photos and videos posted on youtube. Those are really sweet memories and worth more than a million to be cherished forever. A message to DiGi and Nuffnang, please do organize similar camp events in the future as I believe many younger generations will benefit from the motivational aspects (=

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