Friday, January 21, 2011

D'House, Shah Alam

To be exact, the address of DiGi's HQ is:
Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1,
Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park
Shah Alam.

As you guys know I attended the DiGi Done Right Camp last weekend (check older posts), and the DiGi staff @melakaboy brought us campers for a tour around the office. Curious about what's inside the huge office? Let the photos lead you to a better picture =D

Saw this gorgeous dining area from the foyer

This is actually a waterfall. They turn the power off during weekends so that they can save energy. Environment friendly office indeed =)

@melakaboy aka Prashan Chitty explains the culture of working in DiGi. Saw coffee machines in the office almost at every corner. He confessed that at one point of time he had too much Milo and decide not to drink it for one year! XD

meeting rooms. very English style me likey =D

DiGi spent huge sum of money about 1K++ MYR just on this type of furniture. When combined it will look like a cone shaped structure =)

Variety of drinks

One of the workplace. DiGizens (DiGi citizens) actually can request a transaction to book air tickets both for business and private purpose. So good!

I like this decoration on the wall. It shows teamwork, isn't it? (=

Nice view... the hill opposite is actually a park whereby the staffs can use the exercise models to work out. Another plus point of taking care the employees.

Another great place to work. Prashan told us that staffs have no fixed seating place for work so they can sit whichever place they like to. Flexible =)

Beach themed seating area for staffs to relax from hectic work

DiGi encourage staffs to use less paper to help save the environment. Every amount of paper they use they must plant some trees in return. They actually write on the glass walls to save paper.

Working mums will not need to worry about their children while they are at work as they can bring their children along to work! This mural paintings are done by DiGizens. Awww besstttt la!

DiGi also invest huge sum of money on FRESH flowers. They change the flowers on every Sunday.

For CSR purposes, this place is converted into sauna and manicure place. All the staffs need to do is get the approval of the boss, then go ahead for some nail treatment! *envy*

Guess what place is this. Every time you have questions for DiGi Customer Service Call Centre, your calls will be directed to here. Beside this office is a games room for them to relax after receiving stressful calls =D

Photos of the employees on the wall. Nicely done.
That basically wraps up the D'Tour. Thanks to Prashan Chitty for the wonderful tour =)


Serge Norguard said...

oh the ... i see myself

Nikel Khor said...

awesome supper bloggers

kallyempire said...

omg...super envy on their working environment!!!

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

@Serge @Nikel>>> =)
@kallyempire>>> Yea same here. Wish I could work there =D

Anonymous said...

i've been here many times last year.i fell in love with this place the very moment i saw the building.

love the fresh flowers and the uphill cafe and the landscape.and they named their meeting rooms with the top vacation places.

i wish i can work there.