Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another sad moment

awh it's kinda bad when you don't know anything about what is happening around you. the feeling of it is just unbearable to me. ppl just do not want to tell you and you want to know it desperately. too bad.

solving problem. to me its kinda hard, but it is the best solution to open the lock in heart. i want to solve that problem. im not giving up. i believe one day it will back to normal. i hope its right. im still giving chance. but why you do not want to solve or confront it? maybe is my fault...

maybe the time had passed by too long.

some ppl said just forget about it, like it did not happen. time can prove everything. im sorry this method do not suit me. forget? i can. but how about u? you can forget nad back to normal?

actually you all are such good people. a simple 'hi' can prove everything and break the barrier =)

just craps. dun worry i can control. juz dump all the sadness out and start a new day