Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Today

weehoo~ im blogging ^^ hehe...

had moral class in the morning. as usual almost fall asleep >.< really more interesting assignment and group work compared to malaysian studies! get to take care todlers and babies ^^ 1st thing i thought was my baobei^^ i have a little bit experience in that. so hopefully after training i can take care them better. hehe...

after having chee cheong fun^^ ( long time din eat ady >.< ) had audit class. swt the notes just made me feel headache! grrr..... then suddenly blackout -.- 2 times somemore. luckily after that back to normal. or not spoil eyes >.<

hah today is the first taxation class with Mr Simon. he speaks weird to me lol. but after a while i get used to it. quite like this subject cuz it really applies to real life. i can imagine how hard is ACCA now =( there is 2 things in your life that you can't avoid, that is DEATH and TAX! said by Mr Simon. true huh... wow he has been teaching for 10 years in Sunway!!! real good experience.

so far all of my lecturers are super good. so lucky to have them ^^

wow didn't feel tired after one whole day having class XD drove back home with dad beside me. today's traffic jam was not so bad. i noe u r expert pls dun bully on the road =(

it's time to have some 'entertainment' =.=" homework la... and study!

have a nice day =)

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