Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's just another day of mine.

i lack of sleep again, as a result of 'insomnia'. drove to college for the 1st time @.@ hmm...today had 1st class with Ms Voon Sia and 2nd class of T8 >.<

i like the way Ms Voon Sia teaches. She is young and capable. I am lucky to have her as my costing lecturer. phew~ luckily is not the other lecturer. because i do not really understand the way she teach lol.

yeah 4 hrs and 15 minutes break! went sunway pyramid with some of my classmates. darsh and I had to have McD lunch in the cinema lol. Darsh, Justin, Nick, Jia Wen and I went for a movie- Ice Age 3. So funny la the movie. made me laughed like siao. LMAO. seriously. there is one part that made me laughed damn hard until i wanna cry ady =.="

duh~ T8 class again. well it is not that bad. but when the lecturer is explaining while im taking notes, i will get tired easily >.< but if i stop copying, i might not have the chance to copy the notes again. ahh!!!!! audit paper really hard meh? it's like T5 wor...haiz...hope i can really catch up.

:: some pictures taken ;) ::

discussing about audit topics...

nice pic. i like it ^^

LOL. during T8 class break... thanks farah for the snacks ;)

haiz...i felt tired after T8 class. hand brain tired! =(

drove to piano class again. got shooted! but not yet die.

sleepy now. but watching michael jackson's memorial live @ CNN.

;) to all my classmates, do not fret on T8. I believe that we can do it! lets support each other and score T8 paper! gambateh!

and get well soon for those who are sick. take care =)

wednesday is ultimate happy day ;) im grateful.


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