Friday, April 3, 2009

Comments on papers I am taking for this semester

T1 Recording Financial Transactions - Basic accounting principles. some quite easy but sometimes i dun understand. I like the way Mr Tan teach. Passed!

T2 Information for Management Control - Computer thingy and some costing syllabus. i hate studying computer part. i dun really like calculations. The method Ms Yu teach is ok only. I am struggling throughout doing this paper. of course, tears oso wasted. haha. the tough paper for me i think. Passed too! =) luckily...

T3 Maintaining Financial Records - Continuation form T1. tougher. Need improvements. Again, i like the way Mr Tan teach.

T4 Accounting for Costs - this is the paper which seriously need common sense and of course some formulas. my father warned me this is the tough paper and i need to think. yea, this is another paper which will squeeze brain and no more brain juice left. Hope i can get through...Ms Teh, help!

T5 Managing People and Systems - Theory Paper. need memorising work. can say that this paper is not easy but not too tough. all the things that need to do is understand concept, memorise key points, and i believe that explanation can be done easily and smoothly. Some common sense are also involved. But, common sense that is not too common >.< sensible craps are ok. haha. Mr Jack said so.

Overall all papers are quite ok. i heard that paper T6 onwards its going to be tougher. Be prepared for it. Especialy audit papers.

Gambateh and good luck to all CAT students!
Lets Do It!

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