Friday, April 24, 2009

Mock Exam and Lunch

phew mock exam is finally over. i have been struggling to study hard and smart to just aim for pass. seriously i dun wan to be barred. god pls help me >.<

okay, next week is holiday, and time for relax? i dun think so... still got many things need to do. do what? study for final exam... practice piano...wash all my dirty shoes...tidy up my messy room...huhu~

today went lunch with some of the students frm group 3 and some of my classmates. Mr Jack belanja. nyah heheh~ after exam kah hei fetched yao hern, vivian and I to Sunway Piramid. thanks ya. then Mr Jack brought us to Sushi Zanmai. my first time there. hehe =D

wow he ordered many dishes. each double. lol. some he ordered 5! zzz if me i gone into liquidation ady =.= swt lunch time oso disscuss T5 syllabus. ish~ didn't manage to snap nice photos of him and the food =(

the food were very very very nice and I ate until very very full. thank you Mr Jack for the lunch ^ ^ my god the damage... pity you. i hope i won't make u dissapointed.

after lunch kah hei fetched yao hern and I back to college. thank you again. went library online for a while then go back home.

the question 3 today i'll get zero marks. swt! and i bet u will pengsan after marking my paper -.- Mr Jack, prepare a bucket to vomit after marking my paper XD

well, piano project is still on. the teacher need me to add somemore information. pity myself and blame myself not producing the work that she wants. hmm gotta pass it up on sunday cuz tuesday i am not going for class =P going for a movie
^ ^ shhh...XD

oh yeah tmr going back chen moh to attend sister's award ceremony. and going the curve too ! ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ truly my paradise

the weather is sooooo HOT! inside sunway piramid also i can sweat! =.=

i'll 'enjoy' the holiday starting tmr.

have a nice day

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