Saturday, April 18, 2009

When food goes wrong...

on friday was a quite miserable day for me, cuz food food FOOD had gone mad and nuts! lol. plus i had a bit headache.

normally i will have late dinner on friday. so my family and I always go makan at RM 3 cafe in bandar puteri. u noe what that day friday, when we reached there, we were wondering why suddenly so many ppl. cannot find a place oso. cuz normally we can find a place without waiting.

finally we got a place. the menu had changed! rm3 items are lesser and without coffee! and the ala carte price gone up! haiz... i think is because some reasons. one, the sambal sushi's business is not very good so they combine rm3 and sambal sushi. two, they had opened a sales office selling dunoe what health supplements. so i think they wan to cut costs and minimize loss. then, we walked off with dissapointment. ( i din take picture so no proof to show >.< )haiz...normally i look forward to friday cuz can enjoy food and coffee there. but now...seems like we will never go there again T__T and i dunnoe why still got many ppl eat there.

okay, it was 11 pm that time. we were still wondering where to makan. we discussed for quite long time =.= we went around the makan places there still cannot decide where to eat. then we spotted a place called 'old boy kopitiam'. so we decided to give it a try.

swt! the wooden stairs use to go up to second floor is damn steep! my god! again i din take picture so nothing to show it's true >.< lol. i went up the stairs with alert and careful. or not i cannot imagine what is the consequence. serious! same goes to my family. and when we reached the second floor, the place was very stuffy. plus i had headache that time cannot tahan that place. then we went down =.= again, walking down the stupid and dangerous stairs! swt!
( they have free fish spa at second floor. weird huh? )

okay ground floor is better. sat down and ordered food. the price quite reasonable la.

when the food comes>>>
mine, nasi lemak with rendang chicken was quite delicious.
mummy's penang laksa. my god! almost tasteless and serving was quite small. not nice! my mum has no appetite to eat ady -.-
sister's pan mee- the soup is not pan mee soup type. a bit tasteless.
daddy's mee rebus. only he knows how bad is the taste. he said it was not nice. the kuah taste weird. where got ppl put cockles inside mee rebus de??! -.-
brother's mee goreng basah was the worst! when it was served and you look at it i think you will vomit. really. i din take picture of it. too bad. the taste quite ok la. the problem is the appearance of the food. my god!

haiz...that was the worst dinner that my family and I ever had. food really gone haywire.

after the unfavourable dinner, we went tesco to shop for groceries. normal friday routine. my god saw the swiss roll cake whole thing black colour because of the charcoal. lol. i can't accept the cake. and for sure i will not be stupid go buy and taste it! >.< somemore the cheese tart looks not appetising. its like left over for many days. swt! how can they sell that?

haiz... food really gone wrong. mummy's cooking is the best! ^_^

i think i better visit more food blogs and look at ppl's comment on the food and restaurant before i try out a new makan place. hope that the case won't happen again =.=''

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