Friday, April 3, 2009

TGI Friday???

hmmph friday again. To me, some fridays can be relaxing, busy, sad or...anything. can be at the positive or negative sides.

+ve - yeah wohoo can relax. do what i want. sleep, shopping, yum cha, watch movie...

-ve - haiz...many things still need to do. when one week's works need to be completed by the weekend.

today went for new haircut ^^ the lady was quite professional. haha my hair condition is quite bad. she suggested me to do something on it. i agree lo. i gonna take care my hair. but i am not pro in that. quite satisfied with my new hairstyle ^^
hmm i wonder should i do rebonding or not. got pros and cons. to me rm 150 is not cheap. and it may have consequences on my precious hair after rebonding my hair. i think i better keep it natural. i dun wan my hair later become dried maggi mee =.=// hehe if mum let me do i see 1st lo =P

i was late for mr bill's computer class. and luckily he din show sour face. swt only 6 ppl went for the class. the class was quite ok. mr bill told us some story. very meaningful =) i was wondering if he is teaching me T5.

watched an old movie. very lame la...

went yum cha with family~ usually what we do on late friday night =)

haiz...tmr got driving lesson again. i feel that i am so retarded. keep learning but the car always 'sei fo' . haha. kena marah pula. sometimes feel like wanna slap the instructor ( sry ya mr chan if u see this)i juz hope that i faster pass the exam and i can drive to whereever i want >.<

oh no next week got test. gonna burn the midnight oil.

phooh~ i am so tired

gotta rest lo

hope u all have a nice weekend =)

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