Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

LOL! today is April fool's day and i had 'tricked' myself! swt =.=//
i should have looked at it before i sleep last night. lol i was so sleepy and lazy until i din even bother about that.
fine, it's over.

today attended class late. luckily mr jack din show sour face >.< he told me that. i was thinking izit a fool or joke or something else? is not. okay, thank you and i am happy. i really din expect that. i noe i can do it. now i should trust myself, trust my ability. nothing is impossible!

nothing much happened today. no fools no joke nothing. i juz dumped away many things last night and i believe that my decision is correct. New month new start. It won't be influencing me anymore. LET IT GO!!!

oh no tmr got T5 test pula, mr jack's new 'strategy'. lol. it's good and i have to do it.

Happy April Fools Day
do not 'overplay' oh... XD

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