Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yesterday slept at 2am but woke up at 9 somehting today >.< luckily i get enough sleep. or not today driving lesson sure kena scold cuz blur blur~

chat with ying and panda @ msn. hehe i wonder how panda looks like after comin back frm NS just for a few days. oh my god what panda told really shocked me. what i wanna say is take care. see you on 6 June i think =) hui le too... i miss u a lot! hehe...hope that after u all come back can have gathering.

Driving lesson was quite good. At least mr chan said i had improved. phew~ but sadly gotta add 5 hours. and 28 Apr is the exam liao~ die =_= just hope i can pass!

oh no tests tests tests! my god. driving me crazy. but that is good for me as i will be well prepared for the final exam =) T5 chapter 10 is pushing my brain to the limt. and Ms Teh, where is my T4 paper? i think i will fail for PT1. see where is my mistake lah. gambateh to myself and others =)

hehe i love my hair ^^ but i need to take care my hair cuz the spilt ends are really not good. RM 50 for rebonding? dare to try?

suddenly it rains...

okay enough relaxing. gotta study!

good luck to all!

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