Friday, April 10, 2009


( 99th post! )
yay! fini progress test! more yay! -.- gotta be more serious ady. yea serious. really. this time i am not joking to myself.

hmm... i seriously gonna improve on T3 and T4. today's tests i am totally freaked out. i was like dumb dumb doing the whole paper. and i was kinda sleepy. T4 test that time more cham.. fresh brain juice used up. and i can't really think properly.
and now i gotta relax.

hmm 2 days no online ady. i was busy studying. when i no online for even one day i feel not comfortable. haha.

*oh no i am addicting to coffee*

lunch time went rock cafe with classmates. then we chat many things about SEX. lol. i laughed until the food in my stomach wan to vomit out ady. lol. but seriously i like to chat with them. they make me laughed like siao ppl. haha. release tension too =D you all very funny la...

raining...faster ran back to college for T4 class. luckily din feel sleepy. or not i can't concentrate.

haiz...mock exam is next next week. more cham than T1 and T2. i have a feeling that i will fail T3 and T4 real exam if i do not study well. okay i noe what i should do.
i will do my best in T5 okay. just put myself into the situation and memorise ^^
and i am worrying about my driving lesson and tests. argh faster go get P license and drive to where i wan to go >.< i want a white colour MyVi !

i will not let you all dissapointed. gambateh!

hey you still owe me lunch ya. keke. joking la...

have fun online!

a good day!

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