Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wasted Saturday

yea friday exam over and supposed to relax on saturday by going the curve. ended up whole satuday was wasted >.<

morning went piano extra class and get scolded by her again. nvm-lah biasa ady. anyway it's my fault didn't practice well.

after lunch went back chen moh to attend PIBG meeting and sister's award ceremony. swt it was like attending politics event -.-'' nice to see how and the way they talk sarcastically XD the new block is there. sadly i can't use it. lame. met few teachers who taught me before. seriously i hate some of them. honestly. cuz they make me feel angry and i think back the matter again. it's over but it is continualy haunting me. the alma mater is not good for me. my fate. scary...

lol i only paid attention to what the accountant lady said about the accounts only. cuz i am concerned about that and i only know what she is talking about. lol. and my conclusion is CAT helps me a lot. if i din study the course maybe i am still a dumb dumb and dunnoe what is she talking about. cuz few years ago i went PIBG meeting once. and i dunnoe what is the accountant talking about =.= sitting there like stupid fella.

stayed at the hot hot hot hall for almost 5 hours man! swt! somemore the electricity break down about 3 times ady. so HOT! and tired... 7 pm something only went back home. took bath and went for dinner outside.

hmph~ i wish i can drive to the curve whenever i want to go there =P

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