Saturday, April 4, 2009

LOVE 18 :: 逆风18

this chinese drama was just aired yesterday @ astro channel 301 AEC.

i have nothing to do so i decided to on the tv and see what program is nice to watch. so i came across the drama. decided to give it a chance haha. cuz nomally i dun like to watch this kind of drama. or not later i am too addicted to it, end up follw up every episode until i no need study ady >.<

hmm the title its own is simple and special. 18 years old. very suitable for ppl like me to watch it. cuz can see how they act when they are 18 =D

The main male characters are handsome
The female main character is pretty too ^^

guess what, our very own malaysia babe rynn lim yu zhong and guang liang are oso part of the characters ^^ hmm but i kinda dun like what rynn is acting. guang liang is so pro in playing piano =)

the songs are very nice too! i wan them!

hmm the movie is quite nice la..see whether i will follow up every episode or not lo. hehe...


ĂρŗïĻ Ĉħėőņĝ Ŝōĸ Мãŷ said...

im fine..hows ur test?? seems like more stress than spm rite...i like dis drama too...^^ Gd luck

♫ M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ ♥ said...

haha my test okok lo.ya quite stress de compared to SPM. cuz take few papers in one semester. now 2 papers passed ady. so left 3 papers. ya glad to hear that ui like this drama. u too good luck ^^ study hard play hard ya =)